Leaders are judged on their ability to communicate with their stakeholders—whether they are employees, donors, students, partners, board members, community leaders, activists or customers. However, many leaders struggle to communicate in ways that effectively inspire those stakeholders. Many leaders assume, because they have been speaking and writing since they were very young, that they naturally have the ability to communicate in ways that will resonate and move audiences. But communicating from a position of leadership requires a greater level of skill. If a leader cannot engage, energize and inspire his/her stakeholders, how will that leader and organization be able to achieve their goals?

Athene Strategies helps leaders find their voice and learn how to effectively engage with their audiences. Athene Strategies offers individual coaching sessions to prepare leaders to communicate for a high-stakes engagement and develop stronger communication skills on the whole. Tailored to meet the individual’s particular needs, we harness not only best practices in communication, but also insights from linguistics, neuroscience, and physiology to help leaders learn how to engage with audiences effectively.

Specifically, Athene Strategies offers several different types of coaching sessions:

  • Presentation training and rehearsal: Athene Strategies trains leaders on ways to deliver powerful, impactful presentations. We not only help our clients package their content to achieve the greatest impact on the audience, but we also work with leaders to develop strong presentation skills to effectively engage with their audience. Both presentation trainings and rehearsals are tailored to the specific needs of the client, and types of presentations we prepare our clients for include:
    • Board Meetings
    • Donor Meetings
    • Community Meetings
    • Panel Discussion and Panel Moderation
  •  Media Training: Athene Strategies trains clients to become effective spokespeople for their organizations. Our media trainings explore how reporters and the media operate, how to effectively engage with reporters, and how to prepare for media interviews. We help our clients not only with the larger principles and disciplines of working with the media, but also help clients package their content and rehearse for media interviews.
  •  TV and Video Presentation Training: Athene Strategies trains clients to appear on camera effectively. We help clients understand how to work with the camera and help them rehearse for a variety of TV or video appearances. We prepare our clients for engagements such as TV interviews, social media videos, and in-house videos.
  •  Job Interview Coaching and Rehearsal: Athene Strategies helps clients prepare and rehearse for job interviews. We help our clients not only figure out how to best present who they are and their qualifications for a job, but also how to master their physical presence and harness strong presentation skills to have a successful interview.