A crisis is not necessarily a disaster, but rather a time when an organization is no longer able to operate business-as-usual.

A crisis, when handled poorly, can lead to a loss of trust and confidence of those who matter most and can cause serious reputational harm. However, when managed effectively, crises can actually become opportunities to gain competitive advantage, increase trust and confidence, and move an organization closer to achieving its overall goals. But for this to happen, organizations need to respond quickly, meet their stakeholders’ reasonable expectations, and overcome the fear and inertia that can keep them from responding in a timely and appropriate way.

Athene Strategies helps organizations prepare for, respond to, and effectively communicate during times of crisis. We help organizations navigate and respond to crisis situations to end crises quickly and effectively, mitigate or prevent a loss of trust and confidence, maintain competitive advantage, and to get back to business-as-usual.

Specifically, Athene Strategies works with clients to:

  • Identify and address potential crises before they occur
  • Analyze stakeholder attitudes and expectations during a crisis
  • Analyze the nature of the crisis
  • Evaluate possible response actions and communications, and forecast predictable consequences of such response actions
  • Create crisis response plans for a particular crisis or for any form of crisis
  • Create frameworks to monitor crisis response efforts
  • Assist in the implementation of crisis response plan
  • Draft crisis response documents directed to different audiences and to be distributed internally, externally, on social media, or to reporters, investors, donors, or other groups
  • Serve as spokesperson during periods of negative visibility or during high-stakes situations
  • Train leadership and leadership teams to respond to crisis situations
  • Create internal monitoring procedures to recognize and respond quickly to potential crises