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Athena, also known as Athene, goddess of wisdom, war, and strategy, is known in legend for leading the heroes of old to succeed. Specifically, the owl-eyed goddess would instill courage and wisdom in the hearts of men, provide guidance to heroes when at their crossroads, and help lead armies to victory.

Athene Strategies, LLC is a strategic and crisis communication consulting firm that helps leaders and organizations communicate more effectively with their stakeholders in a variety of circumstances. Harnessing best practices, communication principles, a strategic mindset and experience in helping organizations across sectors communicate effectively, we help our clients realize and achieve their goals.

Specifically, Athene Strategies specializes:

  1. Strategic Communication – We help organizations communicate more effectively with their stakeholders. Whether it is creating a strategic communication plan for the organization, developing a communication framework for a high stakes event or campaign, drafting recommendations on how to utilize social media and other communication tools effectively, or helping to implement communication plans, Athene Strategies helps organizations achieve their goals.
  2. Crisis Communication – We help organizations prepare for, respond to, and effectively communicate during times of crisis. Athene Strategies helps organizations navigate and respond to crisis situations to end crises quickly and effectively, mitigate or prevent a loss of trust and confidence, maintain or rebuild competitive advantage, and get back to business-as-usual.
  3. Leadership Communication Coaching – We help leaders and emerging leaders find their voice to communicate effectively in their positions of leadership. Athene Strategies offers individual coaching sessions to prepare leaders to communicate effectively for high-stakes engagements and develop stronger communication skills on the whole.

Based in New York City, Athene Strategies works with small- to large-size organizations on a national and international scale. We work with organizations across multiple sectors, but our roots are in helping small organizations, non-profits, NGOs, INGOs, social action campaigns and educational institutions.