Strategic Communication

Communication is essential for organizations across every sector that hope to achieve their goals. How can people support, donate, serve or buy products from your organization if they don’t know who you are, why you exist, what you do, and what you can offer?

Athena StrategicEffective communication can have a force multiplier effect: It allows you do more, better, faster, and with fewer resources than you otherwise would be able to do. Effective communication builds competitive advantage. But ineffective communication makes it much harder for organizations to reach their goals and can even cause self-inflicted harm.

Athene Strategies helps organizations become more effective at communicating with their stakeholders based on whatever their need is. We utilize best practices, communication principles, a strategic mindset and experience helping non-profits, NGOS, INGOs, educational institutions, religious institutions, small businesses, social action campaigns, and larger organizations and businesses address their communication needs.

Whether it is creating an overall plan for how an organization can communicate effectively, or crafting a communications framework for a high stakes event or campaign, or developing recommendations on how to utilize social media and other communication tools, or helping to implement a communication plan, Athene Strategies can help an organization communicate effectively and achieve it goals.

Specifically, Athene Strategies can help clients in a number of ways:

  • Analyze stakeholder needs, concerns, values, and interests
  • Analyze current organizational goals and strategies, and adapt communication strategies and tactics to align with them
  • Analyze the current business environment
  • Define overall communication goals based on organizational goals
  • Create a framework for effective communication for the organization overall or for a specific high-stakes event
  • Create a plan for execution of the new framework
  • Provide guidance in the framework’s implementation
  • Implement the framework in the short-term and/or for event-specific projects, including utilization of traditional and social media platforms
  • Develop and implement media, social and marketing communication campaigns
  • Serve as spokesperson during periods of negative visibility or during high-stakes situation
  • Create and manage newsrooms and communication operations centers at special events
  • Create metrics for evaluation
  • Provide continued counsel as goals shift or evolve, and as the larger environment changes