What We Do

final owl design blue largeAthena, also known as Athene, goddess of wisdom, war, and strategy, is known in legend for leading the heroes of old to succeed. Specifically, the owl-eyed goddess would instil courage and wisdom in the hearts of men, provide guidance to heroes when at their crossroads, and help lead armies to victory.

Effective communication is essential for leaders and organizations in every field to inspire trust and confidence, build competitive advantage, and achieve their goals. But for one reason or another, a leader’s or organization’s communication is often not effective or timely. And the cost of this, depending on the circumstances, could range from making it harder to achieve organizational goals to actually causing reputational harm.

Athene Strategies helps leaders and organizations address their needs and communicate effectively. Harnessing best practices, communication principles, a strategic mindset and experience in helping organizations across sectors communicate effectively, we help our clients achieve their overall organizational goals.

Athene Strategies, LLC is a strategic and crisis communication consulting firm. Based in New York City, Athene Strategies works with small- and large-size organizations on a national and international scale. We work with organizations across multiple sectors, but our roots are in helping small organizations, non-profits, NGOs, INGOs, social action campaigns and educational institutions.

Athene Strategies helps leaders and organizations in three ways:

  1. Strategic Communication: We help organizations become more effective at communicating with their stakeholders. Whether it is creating an overall plan for how an organization can communicate effectively, or a communication framework for a high stakes event or campaign, or recommendations on how to utilize social media and other communication tools, or actually helping to implement communication plans, Athene Strategies can help an organization communicate effectively and achieve it goals.
  1. Crisis Communication: We help organizations prepare for, respond to, and effectively communicate during times of crisis. Athene Strategies helps organizations navigate and respond to crisis situations to end crises quickly and effectively, to mitigate or prevent a loss of trust and confidence, to maintain competitive advantage, and to get back to business-as-usual.
  1. Leadership Communication Coaching: We help leaders find their voice and effectively engage their audiences to build trust and confidence and achieve their goals. Athene Strategies offers individual coaching sessions to prepare leaders to communicate effectively for high-stakes engagements and develop stronger communication skills on the whole.

“And as this tumult swayed him, as he slid
the big blade slowly from the sheath, Athena
came to him from the sky. The white-armed goddess,
Hera, sent her, being fond of both,
concerned for both men. And Athena, stepping
behind him, visible to no one
except Achilles, gripped his red-gold hair.

Startled, he made a half turn, and he knew her
upon the instant for Athena: terribly
her grey eyes blazed at him. And speaking softly
but rapidly aside to her he said:
‘What now, O daughter of the god of heaven
who bears the storm cloud, why are you here?
To see the wolfishness of Agamemnon?

Well, I give you my word: this time, and soon,
he pays for his behavior with his blood.’

The grey-eyed goddess Athena said to him:
‘It was to check this killing rage I came
from heaven, if you will listen. Hera sent me,
being fond of you both, concerned for you both.
Enough: break off this combat, stay your
hand upon the sword hilt. Let him have a lashing
with words, instead: tell him how things will be.
Here is my promise, and it will be kept:
winnings three times as rich, in due season,
you shall have in requital for his arrogance.
But hold your hand. Obey.’”

--Book I, The Illiad Homer